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February 12, 2016       
04:34 am       

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2012/2013 Priorities
National Coalition On Mental Health and Aging

The National Coalition on Mental Health & Aging adopted four priorities for action during 2012-2013. These priorities were ranked highest for immediate action from among 15 Coalition priorities. Working Committees for each of the four priority areas have developed and recommended Action Plans to the NCMHA Executive Committee.

  • Priority Area 1: Assure access to services

  • Priority Area 2: Integration of behavioral health into primary health care, long-term services and supports and community services

  • Priority Area 3: Designation of older adult mental health leader /coordinator in AoA, other HHS and other federal, state and local agencies

  • Priority Area 4: Address severe provider and faculty shortages

    Read the action plans for the above 2012-2013 priorities. Click here